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Hands-free hygiene

posted Dec 29, 2012, 8:45 PM by Coway Malaysia


Satisfied customers sing praises of Coway Bidet for providing hygienic cleansing that is comfortable and affordable

HAVING a bidet in the toilet means convenient cleansing at the press of a button and it’s more hygienic than using tissue. Not only that but with Woongjin Coway, it’s affordable as one can either buy outright or rent the bidet.

Below, a few customers tell of their experiences after installing the Coway Bidet in their homes.


Housewife Tan Hui LIan, 77, Selangor
For an elderly person like me, this intelligent toilet tool brings independence for such a private matter. Many elderly people, due to physical limitations, cannot reach down to clean themselves properly. So Coway Digital Bidet BA-07R is convenient and handy for cleansing, especially after a bowel movement. Besides the dryer function, the water pressure is adjustable for a better cleansing. This product also enables us to keep our bathroom clean and dry. It surely is an innovative invention.

Interior designer Tan Nan Gee, 36, Penang
I installed Coway Bidet at home so that my children can wash themselves after bowel movement.Now my kids can clean themselves and I don’t have to be around to assist them.
My office and my parents have also installed Coway Bidet. Everyone is pleased about how useful the product is.
I also decided to install a few manual bidets in a nursing home for the elderly. This will be a convenience for the inmates, especially those who have mobility problems.

Account assistant Thamilvaani, 22, Selangor
“I would like to say that Coway Bidet is an absolutely astonishing product! With its many features to suit all needs, Coway Bidet BA-06A is a more practical way to stay hygienic and comfortable than using a hand-held bidet. Initially, my family was sceptical but now, they confess that they love how convenient Coway Bidet is.

Travel agency operations manager Fizal Kamarudin @ Fauzi, 32, Putrajaya
This product is so affordable and gives us full satisfaction. Its twin nozzles function enables us to cleanse our private parts and we even have a choice of water pressure. It only takes a few tries to get familiar with it. Say goodbye to rough toilet paper and irritated skin, because cleaning yourself with Coway Bidet is the way to go. Now, I can’t live without it.”


Beauty centre owner Gigi Ang, 35, Penang
I had Digital Coway Bidet installed in my beauty salon. After they tried it, all my staff members purchased one for their own homes too. Apart from catering to all our toilet needs, Coway Bidet also keeps our toilet clean and dry.
Many of my customers are impressed as most beauty centres don’t provide such a facility. My beauty centre is more popular than ever.”

Anonymous, 49, Selangor
Coway Digital Bidet BA-07 gives me a feeling of personal hygiene confidence that I can barely put in words. I am obese, so my movements are quite restricted. Before I installed the bidet, I found it almost impossible to clean myself after I use the toilet.
But with Coway Bidet, it’s hassle-free cleaning after a bowel movement. Thanks for an awesome product!” 

Tan Boon Kwa, SJKC Kuen Cheng II, Kuala Lumpur
First, we are very grateful for the Coway Bidet sponsorship and educational talk. Our students and teachers have found the bidet very useful.
Besides having dry toilets in the school now, the students too have learnt about good toilet culture and personal hygiene habits. A million thanks to Woongjin Coway!”

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